Fukui University Labor Union engages in a variety of activities to protect its members’ rights. One of them is collective bargaining with the President and the administrators of University of Fukui. Through collective bargaining, we can improve our working conditions and achieve resolutions to the wrongs our union members have suffered. Thus, it is an indispensable activity in order to protect our rights. We have been working hard to improve the working conditions at University of Fukui by doing collective bargaining with the university administrators. Why don’t you join our union and work together to make our working place better? Union dues are 0.9% of base salary per month for full-time workers, ¥800 per month for contract employees, and ¥500 per month for part-time workers.

Other activities of the union:

  • New Year Meeting (January)
  • Youth Department Meeting (April and November)
  • Recreational Activity (June)
  • Summer Meeting (July or August)
  • Annual Conference (October)